Adding the Atahualpa Theme to

I would like to Revisit the Request for the Atahualpa Theme.

For use on

I really like the Atahualpa Theme because it is so flexible and because it can be customized in easy ways, to suit many different needs.  Given my choice I would rather not use any other theme. Continue reading



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Atahualpa Theme Development Links Page

As we are developing this blog for the Atahualpa Theme, it seemed to be a good idea to make a page (not just a post) where we will keep links to the ongoing current areas of development.

So announcing the Links Page!

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Hello World!

Welcome to Atahualpa Theme at

As this is our first post, I would like to invite you to read our About Atahualpa Theme page. This will explain our purpose for this blog and our willingness to support this effort so that all the users of may enjoy the Atahualpa Theme, just as it is enjoyed by those using WordPress.Org sites in MultiSite Mode, with or without the WP MultiNetwork plugin.

The Features of the Atahualpa Theme can be read about elsewhere. The features of this modification, to make it ready for both multi sites and for are:

  • Upload of rotating headers via the WordPress Image Uploader
  • Upload of the logo via the WordPress Image Uploader
  • Upload if the Favicon via the WordPress Image Uploader
  • After install by Staff, NO FTP Needed!
  • Complete Integration of the Atahualpa Theme
  • WordPress Standards Compliant

We hope you will be checking back with us…

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