Adding the Atahualpa Theme to

I would like to Revisit the Request for the Atahualpa Theme.

For use on

I really like the Atahualpa Theme because it is so flexible and because it can be customized in easy ways, to suit many different needs.  Given my choice I would rather not use any other theme.

I acknowledge the many answers timethief, lance and others have made in this regard. These usually point to the number of changes and amount of work need to adapt Atahualpa to WPMU, in older posts, and similarly in newer post based on either:

  1. Atahualpa was Originally written for a single site, or
  2. Atahualpa was previously looked at and rejected, perhaps a few times.

I also acknowledge that this is a popular theme at and would be a good addition to the family, IF conditions were such to make it available.

I further acknowledge that virtually every month, one or two topics, at the forums of, address the Atahualpa Theme attesting to it’s popularity. Even though Atahualpa is not a part of

Plus, I acknowledge that there are favorable changes that may make adding Atahualpa to that were not available the last time the Atahualpa Theme was seriously considered.

In order to be taken seriously allow me to offer the following:

  • I worked at DARPA
  • I worked on ARPANET
  • I have written program code for four decades
  • I have written PHP for 15 years
  • I write code the old fashion way, with a text editor
  • I have a couple dozen type blogs running on one server with one WP multiNetwork / multisite Atahualpa Theme
  • I rarely get involved with any project I do not believe in.
  • I am often asked how to use the Atahualpa Theme on

During the end of last year, I began looking for a better theme for my wife to use on our WP MultiNetwork / MultiSite server. She does not write PHP and has a difficult time with FTP.

The features of the Atahualpa Theme were fantastic, but its single site architecture made it undesirable. After looking at others, I began to modify in minor ways the Atahualpa Theme to make it compatible in a MultiSite configuration.  These were made between January and April of 2011.

The Features of the Atahualpa Theme can be read about elsewhere. The features of this modification, to make it ready for both multi sites and for, are:

  • Upload of rotating headers via the WordPress Image Uploader
  • Upload of the logo via the WordPress Image Uploader
  • Upload if the Favicon via the WordPress Image Uploader
  • After install by Staff, NO FTP Needed!
  • Complete Integration of the Atahualpa Theme
  • WordPress Standards Compliant

This modified theme is operational on live sites, in the following MultiSite versions of WordPress to date.

  • 3.0.4
  • 3.0.5
  • 3.1.0
  • 3.1.1

I am currently using a single copy of this theme for the following four sites (as well as 30 more sites running together in MultiSite mode).

I believe this modified Atahualpa Theme could be easily added to and I am willing to support the theme’s modifications as needed for  Furthermore I am willing to work with the team to improve this theme for use on  For example, I have a tiny mod that allows a custom favicon (.ico) to be uploaded and used via the WordPress Image Uploader.

I hope that the Staff at will reconsider the Atahualpa Theme, and will see that the modified Atahualpa Theme would be a valuable asset to the users of





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4 responses to “Adding the Atahualpa Theme to

  1. I too am a fan of Atahualpa for its ease of use. Having tried a couple of dozen other themes that were not as configurable nor adaptable, I chose it from the site thinking it would be supported on There is a breakdown of compatibility between the two sites that damages both their credibility.

    • LAN


      I do not see it as a breakdown of compatibility. It may be confusing because of advances in programing…

      Like it or not, is a site that offers a free blog on the WordPress platform. There are a number of policy decisions… For example, you cannot put Adsense Ads on your blog, unless you PAY for an upgrade. You may not edit the CSS of your site, unless you PAY for an update. And may (and does) add ads to your site as they see fit!

      Face it, nothing in life today comes free! If were to add Atahualpa, they would lose money!

      You also need to look at history… made software called WordPress Let’s go back to version 2. A heavily modified version called WPMU (multi-user) was also available and this is what was used on EVERY Theme on had to be heavily modified also and there were not too many of them…

      By the time of WordPress 3, new and better programing was available. Many new ideas had been added, WordPress Multi User had been modified and merged with WordPress Single user and called things like MultiSite SubDomains, MultiSite Sub Directories and Word Press Multi Networks (many different domains!).

      WordPress MU was replaced on with WordPress 3.0 in MultiSite and Multi Network modes.

      Back to themes, Atahualpa was written for WordPress 2 and adapted to MU, but until now, not adapted for use on the old site nor adapted for WordPress 3 MultiSite. This Fix changed all that…

      In the mean time, started benefiting from all the new MultiSite compatible Themes… But some themes, namely Atahualpa, are so advanced that they cut into 2-3 ways makes money. And that is the problem.

      So it is NOT a breakdown of compatibility – unless you are talking about it not being compatible with the way makes money.

      At the same time, the cost of hosting on the Internet has gone down. Places like have made workable permanent domain names available. They cost $100 but you get them for life – no renewal fee. They run on the interest only… a couple buck a year!

      This created another problem, the upgrades to can be more expensive than hosting… with a domain name like offers. Lower cost hosting is also available…

      So money loss and no upside for means their policy will not allow Atahualpa to be added. It is as simple as that.

      On the other hand, over at it is all about software. There is no money or upgrade issues, so Atahualpa is just another theme.

      And Believe it or not, does offer Atahualpa, just not for free. You need to pay for a VIP Hosting account…

      But if you can afford that, you would not be wanting it for free.

      Like many problems in life, this is only about money – and nothing in life is free,

  2. I had someone install this wonderful theme on my hosted site and LOVE it (still up and running but going away, check it out at – but I have to go back to WP (using my own, owned domain) due to financial considerations.

    I am not a webmaster type, and have never done this before but want to put this on a new WP site I have created. I was so bummed to find out it wasn’t in their list of themes. Dang it.

    How do I do this??? I thought after searching there would be instructions here, but not so much;- ) thanks – J

    • LAN

      There are two matters, one is technology, the other is policy. The technology issue was clearly addressed…

      Atahualpa is designed for FTP uploads of image files and for a single site server. The above fix would allow the program to run on

      The policy issue is much more difficult. sells upgrade packages. That is how they get money. For example an upgrade to include custom CSS that you have to pay for.

      Atahualpa would allow people to by pass paying for this service because you can do it on the configuration page! There are other upgrades that this theme would also make moot.

      So will not load this theme because it would cost them a lot of income… It is as simple as that. There is no way to load this on

      your old site is beautiful, too bad you can’t transfer it to some cheap hosting and keep things as you like them…

      But this theme will only work is installed sites and I do not think will change their minds because it would cost them too much,

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