Atahualpa Theme

Atahualpa Theme is about adding the Atahualpa Theme to the WordPress.com website.

The Atahualpa Theme is a favorite on the WordPress.org site and is often requested on the WordPress.com Forums.

This is not simply a campaign – it is also the the programing needed to convert the Atahualpa theme from a single site theme to a multi site theme.

Multi Site Programing

The Multi Site Programing of the Atahualpa Theme is being undertaken by:
aLan Tait.

Lan posts information on his Blog:
LAN Net Working! at http://alantait.net/

As of this writing it has been tested in WordPress in:
Multi Site (suddomain name) mode
and with the WP Multi Network Plugin.
(SEE: Working Live Sites below, for more current configurations)

This theme features uploading of header images, logo image and favicon via the WordPress Image Uploader. Once the the Modified Atahualpa Theme is installed By Staff, it requires no FTP for users.

LAN Tait

LAN, for Loving And Nice (aLan Tait), is a retired computer programmer dating back to the days of ARPANET (pre-Internet). He started writing Live Computer Programs, world wide, nearly Four Decades ago. Lan’s use of PHP dates back to the mid 1990’s. UNIX and PHP programing tips of his can still be found on site archives dating back to the mid to late 1990’s. He is a Lucky SOB (Some One’s Blessing!) in that he can choose to work on projects he believes in – like this one.

Working Live Sites

A Growing List of Working Sites is located at:


Again, the purpose of this blog is to add the Atahualpa Theme to the WordPress.com website.


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